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Development Consulting

Real estate development can be a highly rewarding but complex endeavor, especially in the current economic climate of uncertainty and constant change. To optimize financial investment, increase ROI, and minimize risk, it is wise to engage the services of a real estate development consultant.


A development consultant offers:

  • specialized knowledge, experience, and capacity to help owners/investors manage every phase of the development process.
  • expertise in predevelopment, financing, design, construction, and operations, as well as specialized experience in developing various asset types.
  • guidance to the project with the owner/investor’s best interests in mind, from project conception through closeout.


The development consultant is responsible for:

  • coordinating the development team
  • acting as a trusted advisor for key decisions
  • overseeing the process to ensure project success.


They can help with:

  • feasibility analysis
  • financial underwriting
  • financing procurement
  • entitlement and permitting coordination
  • project delivery method planning
  • team management
  • risk mitigation
  • construction oversight
  • marketing and lease strategy development
  • project closeout.


Engaging a development consultant early in the planning process can minimize costs and risks and ensure project success. They can help determine the scope of the project, avoid unnecessary risks, and hire the right team for the project, including architects and construction managers.


At CLSG, we understand the challenges and risks involved in real estate development. We offer expert development consulting services to:

  • businesses
  • nonprofit organizations
  • real estate investors
  • municipalities
  • developers
  • landowners
  • faith-based organizations.


Our development consultants have a proven track record of success in guiding projects from conception to completion, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals. Contact us today to learn more about our development consulting services.

Special Assets and Distressed Properties

In addition to institutional investors, REITs, and financial organizations, developers and investors may also face the need to take back distressed or “Special Asset” properties in today’s economy. However, they too often lack the necessary information, expertise, or resources to determine the proper disposition of the property. By obtaining an “entitlement and project status report,” they can limit their liability and risk while determining the current condition of the property.


These distressed properties can range from undeveloped land to partially completed subdivisions to finished lots and can involve a variety of issues such as loss of approvals, unpaid impact fees or utility connection fees, expiration of permits, permit or environmental violations, and unrecorded plats. Despite the importance of understanding the value of distressed properties, many developers and investors may only obtain a title report, an appraisal, and occasionally an environmental Phase 1 report. However, an entitlement and project status report provides critical information that can result in a better understanding of the value of the property and a modification to the appraised value.


By completing or maintaining these projects, developers and investors can determine the reasonableness of an appraisal or an offer to purchase, both before and after foreclosure. Additionally, these properties should be evaluated to determine if additional value can be realized by amending existing approvals or by re-entitling the project.


In order to properly assess the value and potential of distressed properties, developers and investors should consider obtaining an entitlement and project status report to ensure a complete understanding of the property’s current condition and potential future value. This can help to limit liability and risk while also maximizing the return on investment.

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